Download Line App Without Android Emulators

Yes, I know, you want to install Line For PC and that too without Android Emultor, and today we talk about same thing here cause I think this affects many of us. One of the main features of LINE is that it can be used from a computer. At this moment, as WhatsApp officially done this. Therefore, we will focus on how we can download, install and use LINE from any PC with Windows , but is also available for Mac.

1. Unloaded LINE
The first thing to do is download the software we use to communicate. To do this, we access the webpage of LINE, and once this is done, click on the link to download the file for Windows and Mac. This appears to the right of each of the buttons with mobile platforms, and left language selection menu in the top bar. If you get lost, take a look at the bottom catch.


2. Run the downloaded file
It’s time to start the installation. Run the file you downloaded. If we have done through Chrome, we will find it in the bottom bar. If we have done through Firefox or Safari (also Chrome), it is in the Downloads (or Downloads folder). If we have done from Internet Explorer or so had set in earlier browsers, you will find in the folder where we have selected or pre-selected you download. It is called LineInst.exe .

3. Install
Once this is done we can only continue with the installation process. As you will, is only available in English from nearby except that one language can speak Japanese, or any of the variants of Chinese. Select English, and continue accepting each and every one of the windows.

4. We start session
At this time, we request that we start the session, so with email and password with which we have registered LINE. If we have not yet set up this data, we just have to go to our LINE application, go to Settings (Settings), click on Accounts (Accounts) and Registration by email (Email Registration). In addition to this option, we can also do it with a QR code. The computer screen shows a QR, we read with our smartphone, and gives us direct access. If we are not yet LINE account, we can ask the phone to a friend or someone who has Android, introduce our card and checking in with an email LINE.

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