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Popfax is one of the leading providers of Internet Fax Services. Popfax allows registered users to send and receive Fax Internet using the web interface, e-mail, and fax productivity tools. All this at a cost of only 0.05 € / page or 3.99 € / month for subscription subscriptions. Popfax is an Internet Fax solution for both free and business customers. You can use a Redundant Internet Fax Service and available 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

There are various types of use for sending and receiving faxes. With the Web Fax option you can send faxes directly from our web interface (fax web), from your email (fax mail), from your mobile device, or from our productivity-enhancing applications. The procedure for sending from the web fax is very simple: you only have to indicate the fax destination number and select the document you want to send. You can send faxes to multiple destinations over the Web simultaneously, and you will receive a broadcast report each time you send them. The Web Fax Service is the perfect way to start saving on management costs while at the same time having more effective communication.

With Internet Fax Service you can read your faxes wherever you are, just have internet access and access to your inbox. Immediately after registration, you will be assigned a local fax number with the 500 locations available on our site. Faxes via the Internet gives you the ability to receive faxes in TIFF or PDF format. With the Fax Internet solution you can save on the cost of the telephone line and the maintenance of the fax machine and its consumables. Great to have a fax service and send, send faxes over the internet.

Popfax provides a local fax number for receiving faxes in more than 500 cities and over 20 countries. There is no difference between Popfax’s Internet Fax Number and the phone number to which a classic fax machine is connected. If you already have a fax number, you can simply transfer your current number to the Popfax number and take advantage of an Internet Fax service. You can keep the number for an indefinite period, simply by extending your subscription period with the Internet fax service.

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