Google Duo For PC – Download And Run On Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 & Mac

Google now wants to strengthen its dominance of the mobile ecosystem by adding a video calling app. So they have launched Duo, an application to perform video calls quickly and easily without having to sign up with an email account. It is now available for Android phones and iPhone. Now the biggest question here is how one can install Google Duo for PC? In this article I have tried to explain you. But before you lets check some features about Google Duo.

Features of Google Duo:

Google wanted to create an extremely minimalist and easy to use application, and they have succeeded. The first impression they make the video calls with  Google Duo is they are very simple, and it is a subjective right.

L os Google Duo controls are easy to handle . In its main screen you offer only two options: the settings menu and video calls. By default, the application displays the image captured by the front camera of your mobile phone, although during the conference can send to your interlocutor the image of the back and main chamber.

You can extend the main image by sliding down or make the video call option fills the screen doing mism up.

Toc Toc, its main feature

In the options menu of Google Duo this is first appearance characteristic called Toc Toc . This is an extra that lets you see the image of your partner before he answers your call. He can also see yours, but Toc Toc only work if both have activated it.

In the settings you can enable or disable Toc Toc. If you put it Off, you can make calls with the comfort without knowing your friends until he does not pick not see what happens behind your screen.  Be careful with this feature of Google Duo, it can lead to embarrassing situations.

The other options are classic in this type of application. You can disable vibration, unsubscribe from the service or block phone numbers. The option to limit the use of mobile data allows you to save a few megabytes when you make video calls using the mobile network.



How To make Calls With Google Duo:

Once the connection is established, you will see on your screen, that there are four options which are displayed. One of them is to hang obviously. The other three are changing the camera, turn off the microphone or select your image as the main image of the conversation.

If you choose the first one, the person you’re talking to, can see on your mobile as you approach the rear camera of yours. It is ideal if you want to not talk to him but to show something specific.

The second option allows you to prevent noise in through the microphone. It is useful if you are in noisy environments, as the audio that is sent to your partner is the one that captures hands-free.

Tell me how to install Google Duo on PC?

  1. Okay, finally, if you want to install duo on PC, just download any Android emulator, be it Bluestacks or Andy.
  2. After installing Android Emulator in your PC, open it and go in Google Play options.
  3. Search For Google Duo.
  4. Click on install and done.

I hope now you will enjoy to have live video calls with Google duo on PC’s bigger screens.

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