Download VoipCheap For PC, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows 7, 8, 10 & Mac

VoIPCheap is yet another free VoIP compnay which works on modern day technology to provide their free service. Please Don’t think free means this service is not worthwhile. To be honest, VoIPCheap sp many happy users all aorund the globe.

VoIPCheap can be used through software which is smart and easy interface. With this particular software you’ll be able to call buddies and family around the globe. VoIPCheap also makes it simple to other VoIPCheap customers, that is a need to get buddies and family aboard using the service.

This voip provider isn’t satisfied with just offering free or low prices, this company also actively negotiates better deals with suppliers in order to pass along the savings to their customers. The level of technology that VoIPCheap is able to use and offer free to customers is amazing to many in the industry.


One of the best VoIPCheap features is sending free text messages. In this day and age there are many people who enjoy sending a quick text message to friends and family instead of making a full phone call. VoIPCheap is perfect for this.

VoIPCheap does not offer services like E911 and is not a replacement for a regular phone line. In fact, some users will miss common features like voicemail and Caller ID. Despite the lack of these features, it is difficult to beat the service at the free price tag.


Sound quality is high due to the fact that VoIPCheap uses VoIP technology. This technology is known to have better call quality than standard copper wires. Even so, there are some user configurations that will produce poor quality. In order to avoid this it’s important to make sure one has a high quality microphone or IP phone solution. Sometimes the user might have to try several different methods before settling on the one that works best for him/her, as it is often a personal choice.

Service and Support

VoIPCheap offers service and support online. There is an online troubleshooting section that people should find offers a large variety of questions and answers. This is a free VoIP service so full phone support is not encouraged.

VoipCheap Download, Installation and Interface

In order to use VoIPCheap it is important to download the software onto one’s computer. This download can be found on the VoIPCheap website. There is also full documentation on how to install and start using the VoIPCheap service.

Additionally, VoIPCheap also offers a way for Macintosh and Linux computer users to download their softphone. There are many companies that do not take this segment of users into account, but VoIPCheap has not left these customers out.

After download, the user should click on the icon to start the installation process. There will be a screen to select a username and password as well. Each time one wants to make a phone call it is just a matter of clicking on the computer screen.

When starting the VoIPCheap service the user will find that there are different tabs for different functions on the softphone. There is a contacts tab, dial pad tab, and text box.

For Downloading VoipCheap on mobile devices such As Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Phone, Windows 8/RT & Nokia Asha visit their mobile download page.

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Download VoipCheap For PC, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows 7, 8, 10 & Mac, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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