Zello PTT Walkie Talkie For PC (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10)

Zello is absolutely free application and platform that enables you to definitely turn our mobile phones and Computers into walkie-talkies. Which means that any one can be able to talk totally free by way of a communication of nextel with this contacts from all over the world who’ve also installed the application. It is just essential to link to some wi-fi compatibility network or take advantage of the data plan.

Now Turn your phone or tablet right into a radio with this particular lightning fast free PTT (Push To Speak) radio application, which fits between Android, apple iPhone, BB, and PC. Speak to your contacts independently or join public channels to take part in a warm debate.

To use this walkie-talkie for Android, you need to become a free account in app, from there you can send and receive voice messages as many as you like. You can create public and private channels up to 300 partners. You can create public channels or join them to generate discussion groups or forums on a particular topic, or create private channels with your closest contacts. Every time you send a message via the walkie to a channel, all members will receive real-time and audio quality pretty good.

In addition, Zello Walkie-Talkie does a great job memorizing history full of all your channels, allowing mark messages as “heard” and “unheard” and giving the possibility to re-listen whenever you want and delete them when no longer You need them. It is a very easy to use application that takes up little space and can be great fun with friends and very helpful in general. Try it for free and discover the advantages of carrying a walkie-talkie on mobile.

Zello features:

• Real-time streaming, top quality voice

• Contacts availability and text status

• Private and public channels for approximately 1000 customers

• Choice to map hardware PTT (Push To Speak) button

• Wireless headset support (selected phones)

• Voice history

• Call alert

• Images

• Push notices

• Works over Wi-fi compatibility, 2G, 3rd generation, or 4G mobile data

Zello also enables the development of public channels where they are able to communicate concurrently between no more than 100 customers.

How to Download Zello for PC?

Just download from the below link to download Zello For PC which are running on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 10.


Download Zello For PC

Another way is via Android Emulator called bluestacks. Just download on your PC and install Zello on your PC.

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