Line For PC Download – Windows, Windows 8, Mac OS, Nokia Asha

LINE for PC is an instant messaging application available for almost all communication platforms. LINE PC is available for all major operating systems, mobile devices such as Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Nokia Asha also can be installed in Line computers with operating system Windows, Windows 8 and Mac OS.

LINE is been developed by one of the app’s developers called NAVER , including some of their app’s best known can highlight Naver Line Camera , Naver Line Card or Line Cafe.


Line for PC is available in more than 30 countries and currently has over 200 million users worldwide, according to data provided by the Japanese company Line in July 2013. Following its success in Asian countries came Line for PC other countries, including Spain, which kept growing and growing. Line was born to unseat WhatsApp and become the most used app messaging worldwide.

Line is much more than a regular instant messenger app. With LINE for PC you can make voice calls and video calls for free , create your own video and more. And be sure to liven up your chats by sending Stickers to your friends. You just have to download Line to enjoy all the features offered by this wonderful app and share your moments with your loved ones.

To download LINE PC to your computer, the first thing you need is to have installed the application on your Smartphone and register an email account in the actual implementation of the Smartphone.

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After installing the app on your Smartphone, you need to download the version for PC LINE . You can download the windows version of LINE for pc at this link. For windows 8 click here and For Mac Os here.

LINE for Laptop, both for the version of Windows and MAC version allows us to have synchronized all chats we have on our Smartphone and in the same way, all chats we start the computer automatically synchronizes us in our Smartphone. Besides being able to chat and send multimedia files, LINE allows us to make calls completely free from a Smartphone Smartphone to another, from a smartphone to a PC from a PC to a Smartphone or PC to PC.

After downloading Line PC, you must install it, for this you need to run the file and follow the steps that will indicate the wizard.

After the installation you will see that on the desktop was created us direct access to LINE PC , we click on the icon and it will open a screen where we ask for the email account and password in these fields have to put the same account email and the same password that we put on our smartphone app and give it to Login.

Once when logged in, we will list all our contacts we have in the phone and automatically synchronize all the chats you have open.

From here the application works just like the version you have on the phone: if we want to send a message to a contact, click on the contact and opens a chat with that contact, here we can write, send images, videos , emoticons, stickers and have the option “Call free” which allows us to call this contact completely free of charge.

It seems that there should be some kind of deception, because at first glance calls free voice seems a little strange. LINE PC is free , you need not pay anything to any operator for making a call with LINE. This is so because Line uses the data connection Terminal to send our voice; this technology is not new in the scene is known as VoIP or voice over IP, bears a resemblance to SKYPE but with the addition that can call the phone number of a contact and not the email account user operation as does SKYPE.

LINE PC without Smartphone

If you do not have a smartphone, do not worry, you can also download Line for pc without having a phone. You can enjoy this fantastic app with all its features from your PC to PC without smartphone Line and communicate with all your loved ones.

Features Line for PC

Words fail to define the characteristics of LINE PC and the Smartphone version of LINE, this app is gaining instant messaging users every day and the fact that every day get thousands of new users lies in the excellent features offered this application.

Some of the best features valued by users are:

• Ability to create chat rooms with more than 30 contacts.

• Quality HD voice calls.

• Quality HD video calls.

• Hundreds of Free Stickers and very funny.

• Line version computer is synchronized with the mobile device.

Keep checking back for updates on all the news related to free calls from PC and Smartphones . See you !!

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