10 Best Apps To Make free calls on iPhone And Android

We know that all of you are completely hooked on your smartphone. You like to stay connected at all times and, therefore, you’re going to put money for it too. What we like least is to pay each time having to call someone when we want to talk to someone.

On this lets see the list of best applications that allow calls completely free of charge. Yes, you read that right: free! Also no matter if you have Android or iOS because all ‘app’ that we put below are compatible with both smart Phones!


1. Facebook: the social network for most of us today does more than to share photos with all your friends. If the person you want to talk and you have the application installed on your mobile, you can call him for free. So you just have to open the chat history , select the person you want to talk, click on the upper right corner and select the option ‘freephone’ . Ready!

2. Line: is the main competition with Whatsapp and precisely to be able to make free calls. If the person you want to talk, you have the application installed, you can do so without limits. Clicking on your contact, select the option ‘free call’ and you can talk without limits!

3. Fring: This free application is very similar to Line . It will let you make free calls to other users of this ‘app’ and you can also send text messages, videos and pictures.

4. Skype : was one of the pioneers to make free video calls . At first he could only be used via the computer and a webcam. But now you can “video call” from your smartphone, though, with the installed ‘app’ you will have to have a user account . Do not forget it!

5. Nimbuzz : is less known but is also very effective and extremely easy to use. It is available for many operating systems and also you can share instant messages, images and videos.

6. Talkbox: this other application that allows free calls from your ‘smartphone’. Again, the only requirement is that the person you are calling has this ‘app’ installed.

7. Tango: Tango can make free calls from your smartphone at the moment. But do not miss it because in addition to chat, send pictures and videos, you can play ‘online’ . Is the most complete!

8. Viber: this ‘app’ was the most popular as it was among the first to allow free calls from mobile to mobile. Like all the other applications, the only requirement is that the other person also has the application installed.

9. We Chat: This application is the latest and is growing increasingly popular. This app brings together the best of two classics: Whatsapp and Line. The new element is the possibility of video calls in high definition . Lets Start!

10. VTok: to finalize the list of the best ‘app’ that allows free calls we leave with a specific iOS . VTok is a mobile application that lets you make free calls as long as you have Google Voice account.

One can also see our blog for other free calling apps to make free calls.

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A last of advice before you put your self calling like crazy! These apps let you make free calls but consume many megabytes, so we recommend that you make use of them when you stand connected to a WiFi network .

Now you do! You can now put you to call all your contacts without worry because your phone bill will be huge. A pummeling without limits!

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