Tango Free Download For PC, iPhone, Nokia, Android Mobiles

One can download Tango on his smart phones as well as PC to make free voip calls, be it Android, iPhone etc.

Certainly for Latinos if you say Tango, it is referring to the more traditional music of Argentina. But in the world of technology Tango is an application for mobile phones and now also for PC that allows us to make calls, video conferencing, text messaging between users with the application regardless of the operating system and yes this are free.

Many of us love video calling don’t we?  Video calling over the Internet is a great way to engage with your friends and family. Tango is really a totally free mobile video communications support that lets you connect to relatives and buddies in order to conveniently catch and also share life’s every day times.

An individual don’t must pay his phone charges, as it uses the net link (third generation or 4G regarding much better tone of voice as well as movie quality about phones). Tango lets you visit a grin when you listen to the particular laughter that goes by using it; allows you to see the spark in their vision which comes with the woman’s words.

With Tango, you seize existence sub-standard. Tango utilizes a Computer, apple iPhone, itouch, iPad, Windows Phone several and all sorts of Android 2.1 or perhaps later on phones and also tablets over third generation, 4G, as well as Wi-Fi, supplying you with the ultimate versatility inside how, exactly where and with that you communicate. It was created for “mobile” thus it’s easy to use and also fast to get going. Just make sure you’ve activated the Internet connection for the Computer or even GPRS/3G on your mobile phone. You may make totally free video phone calls making use of public Wifi.

This way it does not matter if your phone is an iPhone or Android, one Windows Phone or if you use a PC or Laptop this includes tablets too. It does not matter the connection, this could be 3G, 4G or WIFI.

This application is available both as  Google Play app, ITunes in Apple Store and is a free download. According to Tango, mobile devices that support the application are some (Apple, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung) unfortunately (something that is becoming common with new applications) do not support the Blackberry, at least for now.

So spread the word among your friends and relatives, especially those living in your country and get to texting, talking and video chatting to tango rhythm.

Download Tango for most of the devices on this page.

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  1. Umberto says:

    I downloaded Tango on my PC and the video quality is so good. Even voice was crystal clear. I now prefer tango on any other video conferencing tool.

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