WiCall Free Download For Android To Gain Cheap Voip Calls Rates

The cheap web based calling services commonly known as VOIP has become a favorite with the users all over the world. These internet based applications let the users make calls to foreign countries without incurring high costs. And this days most voip providers are offering applications for of the smartphones such as Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian (Nokia) etc. to be with the pace of the industry. Wicall is one such service, which is been designed for Android Phones to make cheap voip calls all over the world.

WiCall: What is this?

WiCall is a powerful and feature rich VOIP service that can be used in various ways by people who want to get the best of VOIP. This program can be downloaded for free from Google Play. This application is easy to install and the setup gets complete quite fast. It offers several benefits to the users that they cannot expect from regular mobile services. They can make calls to a number of selected nations at very cheap rates. The voip provider says that it has cheaper rates than what is been available in market today.

WiCall For Android

WiCall: What you require for using it

It would be wrong for anyone to assume that that he or she will need a latest Android device to use this app properly. This powerful and feature rich VOIP service can run on the Android 1.5 and up. The users just need to ensure that the phone is equipped with enough memory so that thisĀ 4.5M size of app can downloaded. Users can use Wifi (or 3G / 4G) to make VoIP calls from their Android phone or honeycomb tablet.

WiCall: Added benefits

WiCall is not like any other VOIP app but offers a number of added advantages for the users. They can enjoy low rate ISD call benefits and along with that the facility to call without registration to numbers in various countries. This VOIP app runs on Android Enabled phones but the we can hope that it will soon be available on Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian (Nokia). One needs to download the required apk on his Android phone from Google Play. You must have good connection of wifi to use this application no matter from where you are using it, be it your office, hotel room, or even home. You don’t need to pay roaming charges for this.

WiCall: getting used

The user interface of the application is pretty user friendly and the users will be able to manage the settings. If the users want the app to start up with Android phone they can set it. The users require setting up an online profile with password and unique username for using this software. For making calls to the countries listed, the users need to buy credits which can be done in the application itself. Always try to get the latest version of the application to avoid any software glitches if any.

So WiCall can be said as one easy to use with nice simple look application be download on your Android to make cheap international calls. The registration last long for one year, and it is WiCall rates are cheaper than some other providers out there.

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  1. Cortney Skogen says:

    What I most loved about Wicall about was the option to make credits with PayPal directly. It takes seconds to get credit if you have PayPal. I love this app.

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