PokeTalk Dowload To Make Free PC To Phone International Calls To 50+ Countries

The Cheap rated VOIP services are available in plenty in the web and they have given the users freedom from steep mobile ISD tariffs. The users who need to make lots of calls to foreign countries can resort to these services and save lots of money.

Poketalk: A VoIP worth opting for

There are several companies that are offering high quality VOIP apps and the users can feel somewhat confused in selecting the right app. The users who are looking for a pocket friendly VOIP solution can opt for Poketalk. This app offers the chance to make VOIP calls at incredibly low rates. The best thing is that for using this app you need not use the PC or carry the laptop with you. Seriously, some users find using computers for making VOIP calls a tad inconvenient as they need to travel a lot. For them it is suitable.

Poketalk: VOIP from your mobile

The mobile users will lap up Poketalk the pocket friendly VOIP solution. The sign up is free and the process does not take much time online either. The company offers a number of options for the users to access top notch VOIP service at low rates using its service. The Web call back feature is what the majority of users will find suitable. This method eliminates the need to use any hardware components like microphone or headset which is required in PC based VOIP. The users can make use of their mobile handsets.

Poketalk: explore the options

For using Web call back option, the users need to log in to their accounts and enter the number they want to call. This will make the phone ring and by answering it you will get connected to the destination number. Once the destination number gets connected there is no need to use the PC at all. The call rates are really cheap. On an average the users can call numbers in up to 60 countries at 3 cents a minute. It is also possible to use local numbers in a country to call foreign numbers with this service.

Poketalk: User friendly VOIP

By using a local number to call nubs abroad using Poketalk the users can actually make ISD calls over the web at local rates. This may sound amazing but it is available. This can also be set up for other people. It is useful for those people who have a number of friends staying abroad. The Android phone users can download the app for using this mobile VOIP service. Apart from enabling the users to make cheap VOIP calls, the service also allows others to make text messages to the numbers abroad at low rates.

They also get flexible calling options. The majority of these cheap VOIP apps can be downloaded from either computer or web access devices. In some countries the calling comes for free while in some others a nominal fee is charged. The users can buy calling credits online as well.


You just need to signup with Poketalk to receive free trial calls so that you can make Free PC To Phone International Calls To 50+ Countries. You can also download Poketalk on your Android phone to make cheap and free international calls.


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